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Zoe, 15, above loves dance, cello, and violin. She is also a baile folklorico dancer and plays in the ACAM Orchestra along with her brother Rudd, 13 who also dances baile folklorico.  Her brother, Eduardo, a flautists, is entering University of Califoria - Riverside as a freshman this fall, after being with ACAM for over 6 years. He plans to continue dancing baile folklorico at UCR.

Below are YouTube sites for ACAM performances:


Highlights of the Spring Showcase #3    

Ballet 1 performing in Recital May 2023

ACAM Orchestra from December 2022

Highlights of the ACAM Summer Showcase Concert, July 29, 2022



Message From Our Director


ACAM Summer Session 2023 ended with three Showcase Concerts at Angelica and a dance recital at Margolis Center - Hope Street.

On August 1, the ACAM Ensemble played at the National Night Out - Rampart Station LAPD. Guitars, percussion, recorders and choristers performed music from Mexico and Costa Rica.

Councilmember Eunisses Hernandez provided a bus for 54 ACAM students and members of their families to attend the Los Angeles Phillharmonic Orchestra perform Grieg and Sebelius at the Hollywood Bowl.  For fifteen year old Emely like the way the pianist and conductor made the music so exciting.

August 28 saw the opening of the fall session.

The schedule is under WHAT WE DO - Schedule.

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La sesión de verano de ACAM 2023 terminó con tres conciertos de exhibición en Angelica y un recital de danza en Margolis Center - Hope Street.

El 1 de agosto, el ACAM Ensemble tocó en el National Night Out - Rampart Station LAPD. Guitarras, percusión, flautas dulces y coristas interpretaron música de México y Costa Rica.

​La concejal Eunisses Hernández proporcionó un autobús para que 54 estudiantes de ACAM y sus familiares asistieran a la presentación de Grieg y Sebelius de la Orquesta Filarmónica de Los Ángeles en el Hollywood Bowl. A Emely, de quince años, le gusta la forma en que el pianista y director hacía la música tan emocionante.

​El 28 de agosto se inauguró la sesión de otoño.

​El horario se encuentra en WHAT WE DO - Schedule.

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