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ACAM Vidoes 

Zoe, 15, above loves dance, cello, and violin. She is also a baile folklorico dancer and plays in the ACAM Orchestra along with her brother Rudd, 13 who also dances baile folklorico.  Her brother, Eduardo, a flautists, is entering University of Califoria - Riverside as a freshman this fall, after being with ACAM for over 6 years. He plans to continue dancing baile folklorico at UCR.

Below are YouTube sites for ACAM performances:


Highlights of the Spring Showcase #3    

Ballet 1 performing in Recital May 2023

ACAM Orchestra from December 2022

Highlights of the ACAM Summer Showcase Concert, July 29, 2022



Message From Our Director


ACAM is focusing on building anew for the future. For the past fourteen years, I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing the smiles of young artists as they learn, watching them improve, observing how caring and thoughtful the ACAM teaching artists are in guiding our young talents. I so appreciate the enthusiasm of the students, the expertise of the teachers, the help and concern of the parents, and your positive support!

Now, it is time for a change and new ideas! At the end of this year I am resigning as executive director and my title will be founder. I will continue to write grants, teach ACAM chorus, and support the new executive director, Shawn Gonzalez.

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Meet Shawn Gonzalez

Shawn Gonzalez is a musician and nonprofit consultant based in Los Angeles, CA. He is a professional, touring keyboardist and holds a Percussion Performance degree from Florida Atlantic University..

In addition to his musical and philanthropic achievements, he serves on several boards including Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation (KTBA), The FAM Music, and Hearts 2 Hands Foundation. Over the last 12 years, he has raised over $2.3 million for music education programs and nonprofits, proving to be “instrumental” in helping organizations achieve their community service-based missions.

When he isn’t performing or trying to make the world a better place, he’s residing in Hollywood with his wife Emilee and daughter, Reya (1).  Outside of music, he enjoys hiking, boxing, and sports.

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