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What We Do




Students receive a nutritious snack each day. 
Children participate in physical exercise in a variety of dance classes each week.
Adults also have exercise classes available.  


Students are surrounded with supportive people. 
ACAM provides children and parents the chance to connect with something bigger than self.
Classes are designed to make the whole community stronger while supporting the individual. 
New experiences give new and broader views of the world. 


Well Being
Students have a safe place to learn.
The ACAM staff is supportive of the children and their talents.



Through the arts, youth find an outlet for creative expression.  
At the same time, they acquire knowledge and skills which will help them persevere and succeed.
The creative arts allow youth to be innovative, a valuable skill for the adult world they will be entering.


ACAM provides youth with quality arts education, programs our schools have largely abandoned. 
With the arts, we make beauty, we excel, and we invent.


The tremendous impact of the arts: music, dance, theatre, on children’s cognitive and social growth, studies confirm, results in aiding overall academic improvement and social development, guiding young people toward community involvement, innovation, and fulfilling lives. Too many of our community’s students are turned off to learning and, as a result, they are failing to graduate from high school and go on to higher education or training to enter the work force with the skills necessary to succeed. When our children lose ground and fall by the wayside, our communities and all of us suffer.

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