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The strategy of ACAM’s program is three-fold:

  • At the individual level.

    • Students, in order to explore and develop their individual talents, engage concurrently in all aspects of ACAM’s program. Students develop self-confidence and a love of performance:  they are proud of what they have learned and want to share it with others.  In the group classes students learn to work cooperatively, commit to a common goal and be responsible to self and the group.  Performances inspire others to engage in learning an instrument and becoming involved.  “I can do that, too!”

  • At the ensemble level.

    • Having created a large learning community at the individual level, students are ready to hone their skills in a collective environment through ensemble work and eventually, in an orchestra setting.

  • At the interdisciplinary level. 

    • Through collective self-discipline, confidence, and an ability to coordinate work towards group production and performance, an interdisciplinary group will be created that will pull together all the three arts components of the ACAM: dance, music and theatre.

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